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About The Developer

Hi. I’m Nicholas Krut. This is me.

Our web design & development team will spend time with your digital marketing team.

Nicholas Krut

I’m a pretty big geek but I can look pretty normal sometimes when I try. I started writing software in the 5th grade (shout out to Java 1.2!)

It’s taken a long time for me to find my nack and decide what my favorite type of coding is but generally I like whatever is new and cutting edge. Here’s a list of some of the stuff I can do:

  • Development consulting & training.
  • Project management.
  • Server Management.
  • Penetration Testing (this includes server & security exploits as well as website & code security exploits).
  • REST Frameworks & API Development.
  • Embedded development.
  • C / C++.
  • iPhone Development.
  • Android Development.
  • Expert PHP Development.
  • Custom WordPress Development (and I mean custom, ask me for details).
  • mySQL.
  • Python.
  • Ruby.

Looking for someone professional, fun to work with or just to help advise you on what softwares to use? Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you.

Code Experiments
Projects Finished
Projects Destroyed


I offer a broad range of services from custom website design to extremely complex programming. Website + CRM integration for large client based firms, Point Of Sale (POS) system integration for online restaurant ordering, and social networking portals with high scalability requirements.

iOS / Android Development

Need an iPhone or Android app developed? Look no further. I'm your one stop shop for design, development and deployment of your application. Whether it’s a utility, an internal business tool or a custom mobile game we can do it all! Drop us a line!

REST Framework / API Development

Need to build an interface for your existing website? Want other developers to be able to create applications that utilize your data, but want to be selective about what you’re giving away and how much? We can help you develop your API framework as well as help you create an entire OAuth setup for your website. We’ll help you decide on rate limiting, logging and how to setup permissions properly so your developer community can use your tools but not abuse them.

PHP Development

Razor sharp PHP programming skills combined with personalized service provide you with a better project/code development experience than having your own team in house. We have developed processes that ensure timely delivery that matches client expectations.
Want us to review or update your existing code? No problem. Our consulting services will give you peace of mind that your existing teams are generating efficient secure code.

MySQL Database Administration & Development

Need a new MySQL application built from scratch? Have a run on project that needs quick execution and implementation? Having a hard time scaling your MySQL performance? We have years of experience deploying and scaling robust MySQL driven web platforms. Let us review your current configurations to locate easy to correct MySQL bottlenecks.

Website, Server or Application Security Consulting

Worried about how safe your site is? We are too! We’ll take a look at how your site is setup from the outside first and try any intrusion detection without even knowing what you are running. If we can’t get in there we’ll ask for your credentials and jump on your server, dig through your code and help you be sure that you don’t have any issues that the latest and greatest hackers could exploit. Send us a link to your site! And we’ll let you know right off the bat if there is anything to worry about and give you an estimate on what a full site examination would cost.

Managed Web Applications (Unix / Linux)

Want to outsource your entire IT department? NIKRU not only builds and engineers software, we also host it and provide 24×7 support. No one can performance monitor and troubleshoot applications better than the code author’s themselves. We’ve established a vast network of hosting clients and would like to add you to the list.

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