I've coded in these: Swift, C, Obj-C, PHP, Python, Other Stuff
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    I've been coding since I was like 10 or something

About The Developer

Hi. I’m Nicholas Krut. This is me (~10 years ago).

I'll code for fun and if you want to give me money that is cool

Nicholas Krut

As of my writing this, my personal domain has been registered to me for 14 Years 8 Month 7 Days. I've been coding for much longer than that. My first code was on a Windows 98 PC and I was compiling C. Then I got into networking and made a chat program where my sister and I could use a "chat" app. So I'm going to keep it light. I could go on and on about my experience but just talk to me. I like to talk.

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Looking for someone professional, fun to work with or just to help advise you on whatever? Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you.

Code Experiments
Projects Finished
Projects Destroyed (see how I broke this?)


I dunno. I can write some code or we can chat about random experiences in life. As I get a little older I realize I talk too much and go off about subjects that really aren't that important but mean something to me. I like to think that they mean something to other people but I think it's really just that I consistently like to interact with people while also being kind of a hermit. I had a hermit crab in high school and he was super cool. I also had a Jackson Chameleon named Kext after Apple's configuration XML documents. I also had a tarantula named Grep like the Linux command, right? I named him that because he was always searching around his little cage for stuff and digging around in the dirt. He was cool but he died and then I got this Vietnamese Bird spider after and he was really mean and I ended up naming him TARANTULOR! Because he was evil. What was I talking about it?

iOS / Android Development

Need an iPhone or Android app developed? Look no further. I've done that. Call me or something.


I can do it.

PHP Development

Zend & I are besties but they don't normally return my calls.

MySQL Database Administration & Development

select DISTINCT from `developers` 1 result. Me. I don't know that isn't a really solid piece of mySQL but if I cared it would be awesome.

Website, Server or Application Security Consulting

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Managed Web Applications (Unix / Linux)

I was the youngest Novell Certified Linux Server Administrator back when Novell was like a thing. I was 13.

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