3D Product Viewer

A couple months back we were looking for a 3D Product Viewer for one of our client’s websites. We had some specific goals in mind:

  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Tuned For Mobile
  • Easy
The answer to our search was, “there is nothing out there that fits all these requirements.” So we made our own. We’re in the process of productizing it into multiple code bases. First we’re making a WordPress plugin where you simple upload your 3D Images, dictate the naming convention and insert it into a page. We already have this working on our client’s staging server and it’s very very cool. Second we’re going to make a freestanding version which works with PHP on any site and is quick and easy to setup. And finally we’re working on a version which you can insert into any mobile application. Yup, an iPhone / Android bundle that can be inserted into your project and ┬áthe user can either load the images from a remote server or the images can be packaged with the app.
Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to send us a message if you want a beta demo of this product! Read the post about how we decided to develop our own product over here

One Comment on "3D Product Viewer"

  1. Eliav Mintz says:


    I’m interested in the demo for your 3d product viewer.

    Could you send me the beta?


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