Drinkr – Find Your Perfect Bar. Anywhere.

Drinkr is the brainchild of Amanda KrutChris Jensen, Gunnar Johnson, Lingo Lin Weiling & Myself.


It’s really been developing since 2009 and has come to represent hundreds and hundreds hours of business development, planning, designing, developing and love. We’re in the final stages of the app release and we have a serious brand (thanks to Lingo) and a ton of data (thanks to Chris) and an almost flawless app (thanks to me). Essentially Drinkr takes everything that bar finders apps of the past have done and one-ups them at every corner.

  • Most bar apps show you bars near you, we show you bars near you with happy hours and your favorite drink.
  • Most bar apps let you look though lists of happy hours, our app lets you search them.
  • Most bar apps give you and address and sometimes a phone number of bars, we give you all that stuff plus important information like if they have a jukebox, their average decibel level on a Friday night and if they are open right now.
  • Some bar apps allow you to see the overall rating of a bar, we show you the rating given by users with the same bar taste as you.

Imagine landing in a different state or country, opening drinkr and finding the perfect bar for you based on previous bars you liked. This is our goal.

The big issue we’ve had is getting the data we need. The reason no other bar app has done this is because of the tremendous amount of work you have to put in to get the kind of data we have. Every bar we have information on we have literally walked in the door and looked at their bar. That is a lot of work. But we’re powering through, finding new people and preparing to launch! We’ll be up in the app store within 2012! Come check back soon or head over to our site and enter your details and we’ll alert you the second we have a fully indexed bar in your area!


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